1、What is Sado(TEA CEREMONY)?


1、SADO AKA the tea ceremony is the best way to improve your  self-confidence.

In modern life, often we are so busy that we don’t take time daily to reflect on ourselves, so we lose sight of the fundamental values and position of human beings.

For that reason, we have many worries and we live a stressful life,Under such circumstances, isn’t it necessary to take the time to visit oneself and ask fundamental questions such as who am I, where did I come from and where am I going?


If you spend 20 or 30 minutes a day doing so, and if you get into the habit of looking in to yourself,    you’ll come to realize how wonderful and precious you are. Ultimately, humans are a part of the universe and are created to live in harmony with nature. 

And when you quietly face and focus on your inner self, while performing the tea ceremony, you will feel this.

By repeating the tea lessons, you will be comprehensively exposed to theJapanese culture and while learning the teachings of Zen, they will read you to mental improvements. Likewise, you will also acquire general knowledge within your daily life, and you can expect to start carrying yourself with more beauty and grace.  

  The essence of a wonderful tea ceremony

  1. The tea ceremony is a comprehensive art of Japan.
  2. Acquire elegance by repeating the practice of the ceremony and attaining good behaviours.
  3.  The tea ceremony is a place to learn the spirit of “ZEN”.

  4.  The tea room is a place for socialising, and space for hospitality.


Nowadays, as modern Japanese life has become more westernized, the traditional tea ceremony id difficult for modern people, due to the following:


  1. You have to sit on your knees in a kimono, in a traditional Japanese Room.

  2. Visually, the ceremony looks complicated and potentially difficult to learn.

  3.  The atmosphere can be quite solemn.

  4.  Traditional tools may be expensive. 

 So on



*Luckily, Table Style Sado Can solve these problems*

2、TABLE STYLE SADO is a modernised style of the tea ceremony that can be casually done on the table.

(Photos and content are partially quoted and extracted from the Tsubaki no kai website)


Some differences include;

  1. You don’t have to sit on your knees while wearing a kimono.

  2. The movements are the simplest of the traditional forms, therefore much easier to learn.

  3. Casual conversations may be enjoyed.

  4. It is a tea ceremony that can be carried out with everyday items.

A Table Style Sado is a casual tea ceremony where you sit at a table and enjoy tea while sitting on a chair. Anyone may start immediately, even if you have no experience with tea ceremonies.

The table-style Sado tea ceremony is modified, so students can learn the meaning of the word ‘Zen and the spiritual aspects of life from the host, rather than memorising the Zen philosophy from expensive hanging wall scrolls.

Guests may also sit on chairs instead of on their knees, and use flowers from local shops, instead of special tea flowers.




Regardless of the format, the table is coordinated with various designs, using flowers, sweets, and western-style table ware that matching the current season. It is a perfectly modified style to match the western world.

The centerpiece of the Tsubaki no kai Table Style Sado is “ tea teching” meaning a spiritual time to think deeply and reconsider oneself. I am confident that more people will adjust their hearts and behaviours, and grow beautifully and gracefully, while enjoying the words of the tea ceremony. If you know the tea ceremony, your life  will be richer.